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Effective Small Business Marketing Part I: Start with a Public Relations Calendar

A few months ago, I participated in a panel of marketing experts for the Small Business Educational Workshops put on by the city of Bellevue. I spoke to the audience, comprised of small business owners, on the importance of creating a public relations calendar. This is a more detailed outline of the points I addressed during the workshop.

If you own a business, and don’t have the benefit of a public relations department to help with your PR needs, there’s a simple formula you can follow for effective small business public relations.

Small business PR strategies you can use today to put your business on the map.

  • Make the decision to do public relations for your small business. That seems simple, but in order to effectively promote your business, you need to have the mindset that you will regularly market your company through traditional public relations outlets.
  • Determine how much public relations you need for your small business. Do you need monthly promotions? Twice monthly? Or do you just need event-specific promotions? Decide how often you need to push this aspect of small business marketing and then stick to it.

Identifying your small business public relations opportunities is the first step in creating your PR calendar.

Examples of public relations opportunities might include:

  • Seasonal public relations opportunities might include a winter sale or a spring break special. Look for PR tie-ins to your small business. For example, if you own an auto parts store, let potential customers know they can find everything they need to winterize their tires on your store shelves.
  • Include event-specific public relations opportunities like September’s Art in the Park in Bellevue in your small business PR plan.
  • Identify piggy-back public relations opportunities for your business. Throw your PR hat into a local happening, like Covington’s Oktoberfest or Bellevue’s Shop Bellevue!
  • I’ll address creating disaster-related communications for your small business in an upcoming blog; for now I’ll just explain that you need to have a PR plan if the worst should happen.

Finally, identify any additional small business marketing opportunities to include in your calendar.

Effective Small Business Marketing Part II addresses finding PR outlets as the next step to creating your PR calendar.

Post your ideas about small business PR strategies.


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