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Effective Small Business Marketing Part II: Identify Public Relations Outlets.

In Part I, I discussed making the decision to do small business public relations and finding your PR opportunities. This blog focuses on part two of creating your simple public relations plan- finding your PR outlets.

Find traditional and non-traditional small business public relations outlets to market your company.

  • Identify the newspapers that you want to use for small business marketing. If you pay for advertising, ask upfront if the paper will consider you for features or interviews, too.
  • Placing feature articles in industry trade publications are great public relations opportunities for your small business.
  • Use television and radio, if appropriate, for small business marketing too. If you’re a handyman, ask if they’ll allow you to do a Q & A session, with an eye to getting your own show.
  • Web sites, groups, blogs and networks are excellent public relations opportunities and target your customers on-line.

In addition to finding your small business PR outlets, identify the correct points of contact. Make sure your contact information is up to date every time you send a release of information.

And, find out how your small business PR outlets like to receive information (e-mail, fax or through a Web site) and send your press releases accordingly, following up to see if they need more information.

Effective Small Business Marketing Part III includes identifying the best types of messaging for your business and creating your simple public relations calendar.


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