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Effective Small Business Marketing Part III: Implement Your Simple Public Relations Calendar

Now that you’ve identified outlets, public relations opportunities and need, look at messaging types and create your PR calendar.

Identify types of public relations messaging you can use to promote your small business.

  • Informational or educational releases of information are effective small business marketing methods. These press releases read like feature articles, providing tips or ideas. The promotion is subtle, usually hidden in the last paragraph.
  • Feature articles let you provide extensive information about ideas or issues related to your business.
  • Standard press releases work well when you need to announce a new event, product or service. Look on-line to find press release templates.

Editors always need content. If you provide a completed article that’s easy to read, informative and free of grammatical errors, you’re already halfway home to getting published and enjoying small business public relations.

Tip: Write press releases and articles using a conversational tone. Read your work out loud when you proofread small business marketing materials to easily pinpoint errors.

Create a calendar for your 2007 public relations plan.

Now that you’ve decided what small business PR you want to do, create your simple PR calendar.

Back out promotional opportunities by a minimum of six weeks. If you have a small business marketing promotion happening on June 1, by mid-April you should know your budget, resources and other associated project needs.

The bigger the event, the more time you need for small business marketing. Include the six week planning period in your small business PR calendar, so you know when it’s time to start working on your public relations opportunity.

For each small business public relations initiative, document the following:

  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Initiative
  • Objectives and goals

Follow-up after every small business marketing effort to make sure your goals were achieved. Find each press release or article placed, and save your clippings.


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