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Call For Entries: Communication Arts Design and Advertising Competition

The 48th annual Communication Arts magazine's annual design and advertising competitions are calling, but are you ready to answer?

Entering an advertising competition is a great way to build your book, whilst building your reputation in the industry. Top professionals within each category do the judging, and winning entries will include posters, corporate identity, trademarks, catalogs and a heckuva a lot more. If you're a designer, it's a must-have for your portfolio!

Entry forms for the advertising and design competitions are due on June 1, 2007. Get online entry forms for all competition categories, including interactive media, illustration photography, advertising and design at the Communication Arts website.

The results of the advertising and design competitions will be announced in the November 2007 Design and the December 2007 Advertising Annuals, promising great exposure for the winners.


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