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Hidden Jobs in Public Relations and Marketing

Hidden jobs in PR and marketing really do exist. While there are a number of multi-purpose job listings on job boards like Monster, there's another, more targeted way to approach finding a corporate branding job or advertising job.

Check the job listings for your local Ad Club or PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Jobs posted on the Cincinnati Ad Club's job board are often not found on the bigger, more impressive online job boards- for good reason. If you've ever tried to post for a job on a major online job board, you know that you really have to work to separate the wheat from the chaff. It's no one's fault; the all-encompassing PR job searches mix together everyone from writers to salespeople to administrative assistants.

Using the listing of advertising club jobs, you'll find specialized and specific jobs for corporate and ad agency careers that aren't listed anywhere else. If the hiring companies and agencies don't have any luck using the ad club or PRSA job listings, they then often resort to the online job boards. Check your local club job listings early and often to stay on top of the best hidden jobs in marketing and PR.

Side note: The Cincinnati Ad Club and PRSA job boards are also great for staffing your own marketing communications department or agency. If you're going to be hiring soon, take a look at the listings to see local hospitals, non-profits and corporations taking advantage of this great resource. And let me know how it works out for you!

Tell us about your experiences finding Cincinnati marketing and PR jobs using local job boards.


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