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Merck & Co Names Lawyer to Head Worldwide Marketing

Merck & Company appointed attorney Kenneth Frazier to executive vice president and president, Global Human Health. In his new role, Frazier will oversee 30,000 employees and oversee marketing operations for the pharmaceutical company. Frazier has no previous experience in a leadership marketing role.

I can't help but remember an attorney that I worked with who used to start conversations with "I took an English class in college and..." This was in response to copy I wrote starting sentences with the word "And."

My response? "It's a very effective way to grab the reader's attention. And, it keeps the reader interested. And, it's considered acceptable by most English professors today."

We'll adopt a wait and see attitude to see how Merck employees feel about the change.



I have the same feeling as you.

One of our clients did the same thing. They laid off the entire marketing department and put the legal department in charge of all marketing.

At least they continued to keep our company around for a while to do the actual work.

What was it that Shakespeare said?

Oh yes, ...

"The first thing we must do is kill all the lawyers."
- Dick The Butcher, plotter of treachery in Shakespeare's King Henry VI
Lisa said…
ha, great quote! though Henry IV is really my favorite...

It's curious that Merck would go in this direction. Hopefully the attorney will give the marketing folks free rein to run their campaigns the way they need to run them... We'll see.

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