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Expanding Your Small Biz Marketing Network: Why I Give Out Advice for Free (sometimes)

The other day I got a call from a swanky firm in Cincinnati where the Big Kahuna does a lot of speaking engagements. They found me online and were looking for some PR assistance. One of the major components of their small biz marketing campaign was to send out email blasts throughout the company.

Oh-ho! Planning and writing email blasts just happen to be my specialty! And internal communications is near and dear to my heart, and (I believe) at the crux of every successful small biz marketing campaign. I was stoked, in other words.

However. The more we talked, the more I realized, they didn't need a "Lisa" to work on their email blasts. They more or less had the content and the marketing plan in place already. They just needed someone to stay on top of getting them organized and sent around to employees at the Cincinnati offices. That doesn't take a PR strategist, I regretfully told the woman who called. You could work with a marketing assistant or an intern to get your email blasts out to employees.

I sent her along to the Cincinnati Ad Club and the Cincinnati PRSA job boards to find some help. I explained why the job boards work so well; they're industry-focused and attract a wide range of prospective employees with a variety of job experiences. And in turn, she promised to call me when they need some new press releases and email blasts.

Expanding your small biz marketing network. It seems like a fair trade.

Tell us about your ideas for small biz marketing campaigns.


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