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Kid Turns SEO Into Part Time Job

What a fabulous success story: a teenager learns the secrets of SEO and instead of working some crappy part time job, she now makes $20-$40 a day through her blog. Now that's ingenuity!

Watch Chloe talk about the secrets of her SEO success at the 2007 BlogHer Conference to a rapt audience of (adult) SEO professionals.

I've encouraged some of my nieces to get involved in collecting antiques and vintage clothing and jewelry. Taken them shopping and explained the difference in pottery markings, how you know when clothing labels are old, and what makes old jewelry good. Understanding what's hot or what will be hot next year is an instinct that's developed over time. Some of the kids are interested, and some aren't.

I've also tried to engage the teenagers by explaining they could do this kind of work part-time, selling online or at local shows. Some of them really got into it, calling me when they saw something they thought I would want to buy, or potential new outlets for antiques, and getting rewarded for their efforts with free items from the for sale racks.

Plus, I think it's never a bad thing for kids to understand the "buy low, sell high" concept. That's always a good lesson to learn.

Post your ideas for best part time Web jobs for teenagers.


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