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Top 10 Organic SEO Myths

Jill Whalen has an overview of the top 10 organic seo myths at search engine land.

I heard a while ago that adding links to your website for SEO was no longer important for Google rankings. That makes sense; Google didn't like paid or forced website links, yet couldn't track them, so just removing them from the Google algorithm for SEO was the most expeditious way to ferret them out. The word is that having multiple links won't hurt your website, but they won't help with SEO, either.

Whalen cracks on emphasizing keywords in the H1 headings and meta tags but I have to disagree here; I've seen excellent SEO results by emphasizing keywords in the header and meta tags.

The article's good, and dispels a lot of myths I've been trying to get across to clients for ages- namely, that site submission is out. The lesson here? Just have a website that's properly optmized for organic SEO and Google will find you.


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