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back away from the blog

I am so entrenched in SEO that I forget that other people don't know anything about it. I know some people believe that I just made it up... Organic SEO and Reputation Management do sound kind of fake. But it seems like some etiquette rules would apply no matter what your knowledge of the internet, more specifically blogging, is.

I run a few blogs. One of them is fairly popular. It isn't guy kawasaki popular, but it has a few readers. The more popular it becomes, the more I receive link requests. What surprises me, and what always shows someone up as a non-blogger, is how many of them request a link without linking to me first. That's rule number one in the blogosphere! And isn't it just common sense?

For the record, I add links to blogs that I like. Sometimes one of my readers will start their own blog, link to me, and then request that I link back. Or sometimes I look at Technorati to see who's linking to me. when I see someone new, I check out their blog, and if I like what I see, I add a reciprocal link.

But lately I've been getting requests every week to link to people who haven't linked to me on their blog. I kind of feel like explaining the process to them, but then I think, why bother? They'll probably just think I'm smarmy and get mad anyway.

There are also people who will link to your blog, request reciprocal, and then later delete you. This hasn't happened to me, but it seems kind of snarky. And don't even get me started on link farm companies... I'm not even including them in my weekly email requests, because the requests don't come from real people. "Hey, LISA! You need to check out this super-wonderful blog and ADD A LINK RIGHT NOW!" I get way too much of that kind of email, too.

For those people? Bottom line, Google is on to link farms and doesn't like them... Having a lot of links won't hurt you, but it doesn't help your search results, either. That's why I never request links from anyone else. If someone wants to link to me, fine, and maybe I'll link back, but I'm not wasting my time spamming my blogger friends.

Blogger etiquette. Because we geeks gotta have our pride.


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