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Cincinnati Job Postings: Time Warner Cable

Some more Cincinnati job postings for marketing professionals that look worthwhile, this time from Time Warner Cable:

MARKETING DIRECTOR - Requisition #87125
Responsible for development, planning and implementation of promotional marketing programs to increase sales and brand awareness of all Time Warner Cable Products. Help develop the overall marketing strategy to effectively and efficiently drive awareness, leads, and conversions among prospects, as well as to manage programs to increase engagement within customer base. Develop project plans and manage the execution and implementation of the direct marketing initiatives, as well as strategies, analysis and measurement.

The purpose of this position is to gain and maintain customers for wireless and various cable services. Develop promotions, marketing campaigns that promote wireless and push the Time Warner Cable bundle. Coordinate and implement strategies and activities that analyze current strategies and marketing trends to ensure optimum results.Time Warner Cable associates enjoy competitive compensation, medical/dental/vision benefits, paid vacation after 6 months and FREE cable and high speed internet services within the Time Warner Cable service area.

I often receive emails from headhunters and other sources for marketing professional jobs. If they look good, I'll post them here. If you have a career opening for a PR or marketing professional in Cincinnati or anywhere else, feel free to comment on this post and leave the details, including your contact information.


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