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Protect Your Reputation by Using Reputation Management Ideas Wisely

Reputation management is nothing new. For years, companies have been providing media training to their media-interacting members of senior level management. The difference is that nowadays, negative publicity is posted online for everyone to see, and without effective SEO, it’s not going to go away. In fact, get a few too many negative comments posted about your company online and that may be all that prospects see when they try to Google information about you.

Manage your online reputation with a few easy to follow tips. I often work with clients on improving and protecting their online reputation with rep management ideas. I also practice techniques on my own to see what works best. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years about what really works- and what doesn’t work at all..

Some practical tips for managing and protecting your online reputation:

  • Don’t go overboard if you see something negative printed about you online. It’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. Take a deep breath, assess the damage and either move on or go to work implementing reputation management ideas with the help of an SEO provider.
  • Protect your reputation by avoiding battles that you can’t win. Getting into a shouting match (or worse) with an anonymous poster in a forum only makes you look bad. Instead, work on protecting your reputation online with a qualified SEO provider.
  • Blogging is a popular technique for protecting your reputation online. A word of advice: Don’t start anything you can’t finish. A blog is a marvelous reputation management idea, but unless your blog is updated regularly, it won’t work. The reason why freelancers like me stay in business is because everyone needs content. It’s never-ending.
  • Using online public relations to ward off negative publicity is another popular reputation management idea. It works very well when used wisely. However. Don’t send out press releases touting a new hire (unless it’s a super-important new hire) and don’t send out press releases talking up your new website. People look online for news and they’ll ignore these kinds of fluffy press releases- and so will Google. Instead, work with a marketing and PR strategist to come up with interesting angles you can push to the forefront in your attempts to protect your online reputation.

Whatever reputation management ideas you decide to use, use them well and use them often. It will take time for your efforts to show up in Google first, second and third page results. And it takes time for the negative publicity to get pushed back on Google results pages. But make a dedicated effort, work with a professional, and have a little patience and you won’t be disappointed.


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