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How to Get Freelance Writing Work: Real Life Tips that Really Work

When it comes to getting freelance writing work, it's important to have a resume that stands out. I've often helped people clean up and update their resumes. If you're looking for freelance writing work, see if this tip helps. Instead of creating a long-winded resume that includes everything from working at an ad agency to the video store where you worked in college, keep it simple. Here's something I've used to get freelance writing work and it's netted me new clients every time I've used the ad:

"Freelance writer experienced in writing feature articles, press releases, executive communications, newsletters, collateral materials, direct mail and Web pages, articles and blogs, with a strong focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in a way that's readable, scannable and optimized but never spammy.
  • Industries and clients include SEO agencies, newspaper, magazine, insurance, retail, financial services, B2B advertising agency and industrial and medical supplies.
  • More than seven years in a marketing role, including five years in a management position and twelve years overall business experience.
  • Regularly uses a digital camera, content management tools and interview skills for publication.
  • Client relationship manager for internal and external business partners.
    Operations and project manager with customer retention and loyalty experience.
  • Clients, references and links to writing samples are available upon request.
I try to keep my client roster small, so I can easily stay on top of deadlines. I have capacity to take on one additional client for freelance work right now, but that can quickly change! I work from home so your need for a home-based freelance writer is appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration and I hope to speak with you soon."

This ad for freelance writing work is simple- that's why it nets results. Note that it also mentions what I can do (take on one new client) and my requirements (I work from home). When I post the ad on online job boards, inevitably, I get a lot of offers for full-time work, but it's also been the source of my two largest clients.

When you're looking for freelance writing work, don't give a laundry list of your qualifications; try keeping it simple instead.

And let me know how you do!


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