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Business Credit Reports and Background Checks

If you're considering outsourcing work to another company, have you thought about running a background check on them? As you know, I've been writing for Experian for some time now. The products they offer consumers are pretty widespread; and more and more, they offer new products for businesses, too.

Before you hire someone to work for you, you'd most likely run a credit report or some kind of background check on them, right? So why not do the same before you hire a company to outsource your work?

You can run business credit reports online at SmartBusinessReports. The reports show payment history, existing credit obligations, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments and background history for businesses nationwide. In addition, try these methods to run your own business background check:
  • Google the name of the company and the business owner for more information.
  • Ask for references and speak to as many past and current clients as possible.
  • Google the email addresses you have for company contacts.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed.

The information that you find when you run a business background check, or the absence of information, can tell you a lot about a company. It just costs a small fee- for the business credit report- or a few minutes of your time. And when you're talking about your business, isn't it worth it?


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