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Best Buy Gets Spanked

Best Buy is getting spanked after they lost a customer's laptop- and remained non-responsive. It's an unfortunate situation, and I think the Geek Squad could have handled it a lot better.

No, they probably won't have to pay $54 million to customer Raelyn Campbell. But they've earned $54 million in bad publicity by first refusing to tell her that the laptop was missing (for several months) and then only offering to give her a gift card (for $900) instead of owning up and doing proper damage control.

The article also includes information about a New Jersey branch of Blue Cross that lost hundreds of thousands of customers' data when an employee notebook was stolen. The healthcare company has opted to keep open lines of communications with customers and to pay for credit monitoring, while explaining what they've done to render the notebook useless to thieves (through a remote safety feature).

One laptop stolen and one lost. One affects 300,000 people and one affects one person. And yet, only one company comes out looking good, PR-wise.


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