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contractors hit hard by housing slump

Forget the domino effect. Lately, it's starting to feel like the boulder effect: Financial headlines from Experts on Credit highlight how contractors are feeling the pain of the recession and how companies are becoming more big brother-ish when it comes to 401(k) plans.

Experts on Credit is part of Experian Interactive Media. Experian, well-known as one of the three "big" credit bureaus, also has several sister companies including,,, and my favorite,


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The other day, I got a call from the Justice Department. I had a moment of sheer panic before I remembered, I contacted them first. For over a year, I’ve been getting harassed by a collections agency. A dim-witted collections agency that thinks that I am someone else. Yup, they had the wro-o-o-ong number. A fact that I had repeatedly explained to the half-wit who called me the most frequently: “Dude. The only Nellie Oleson I’ve ever heard of was on the Little House on the Prairie.”

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