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senior copywriter job opening in Dayton

From an email I received February 13, 2008:

Our client in the south suburb of Dayton, OH is seeking a senior level copywriter to support their Fortune 500 clients. This position will conceptualize and execute, print, and produce Web copy. Interactive experience is a plus! Solid foundation in direct marketing is essential.

I am spreading the word throughout the industry! I found your information from the job board as someone who might be able to offer some assistance in that area. If this position describes you and historic Dayton, Oh is a desireable location for you, then respond immediately. Dayton has big city amenities in a smaller package. Our client just hired a junior level copywriter from us. The whole process took about a week! Did I mention, relocation assistance is offered so who do you know?

Call me or reply to this email. Either way I would need your current resume. Your information will not be submitted without consent to any of our clients.

Christie Sartin, CTS
Information Technology
The Mergis Group
Your Bridge for the Best Hire!

(937) 439-5501 x213
toll free 1-866-937-4395
fax (937) 439-5520


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