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2008 Annual Communication Arts Competitions

The 2008 Annual Communication Arts Competition deadlines are rapidly approaching. Links and deadlines for the annual illustration, photography, design and advertising competitions:

Illustration Annual - Deadline: March 11, 2008 Hundreds of beautiful illustrations used for editorial, institutional and advertising are selected for their creative excellence by a jury of designers and art directors. We include a complete index and addresses of the selected illustrators.

Photography Annual - Deadline: March 11, 2008 Over 200 photographs from famous photographers and rising stars. Only 3% of the work entered is selected for this annual. The work is reproduced utilizing speci al techniques and the highest-quality printing available. A complete index is included with the addresses of the selected photographers.

Design Annual - Deadline: June 2, 2008 Juried by nine top designers and attracting entries from the USA, Canada, England and 40 other countries, the Design Annual features the best posters, brochures, packaging, trademarks, corporate identity, annual reports, catalogs, letterheads and signage, and is fully indexed for reference. Only 2% of the work entered is selected for the annual. Detailed captions provide the reader with an explanation of the project's scope, the concept and solution.

Advertising Annual - Deadline: June 2, 2008 Juried by leading creative directors, art directors and writers, the Advertising Annual displays the best in consumer and institutional print ads along with posters, broadcast and new media. Everything is reproduced so you can actually read the fine print. The broadcast scripts are included for every television and radio commercial and, for quick reference, a complete index helps the reader find an agency, client or individual.

Good luck! And be sure to let us know if you win any of the competitions.


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